A visit to a local church

So I was hanging out with some friends and someone mentioned to me that our server was Baptist. So I decide to talk to her and find out that she goes to a church to a nearby village. Now I have been wanting to connect with some of the local churches for quite some time but I have not yet had a good opportunity. So I talk to this girl and say I am interested in attending that I am a missionary from a Protestant church in America and I am interested in attending her church. She was very happy to give me her number so I could join her on Sunday.

The upcoming weekend some plans fell through so I called her and we arranged to meet to go. We took a taxi to the church and I was able to meet and talk with some people before hand. It was a good service and I struggled to read some of the hymns but I mor or less succeeded.

Then after service we stuck around and chatted with many of the young people who go there. I even met two Computer programmers! And we stayed after talking, getting lunch and playing Pictionary.

It was a great time and I was very glad to connect with some Christians in the area.

About Mark Henke

Mark Henke has been an active member in New Hope Church in Canton, MI for many years. Some of his responsibilities included teaching Kids' Sunday School and directing the Free Methodist Bible Quizzing team.
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