Kyustendil Missions w CCC Part 2

One of are main ministries with the Christ Community Church group was a Vacation Bible School with the Roma (gypsy) children in Kyustendil. I love children, their smiles enthusiasm and innocence alwasy give me hope. So it was an aobsolute pleasure to serve these kids.

The VBS started with gathering the kids into a church in the Roma neighborhood and telling a Biblical story.  Then we split the kids into three groups: crafts, sports and singing. We rotated the groups through each activity so each kid got to do everything. We ended by doing some songs and giving them a small snack.

I love kids. Its so fun to work with them and these Roma kids were absolutely adorable! One of the main reasons I was sent here is to work with kids like these. Every time I meet new Bulgarian children the experience is fresh and heartening.

Not only this but we also had some of the Roma from the church helping and we would meet with them afterwards. Now this was cool because before this time I only knew these Roma as a sea of faces. But spending so much time with them has let me see them as actual people with different personalities and hearts and everything.

About Mark Henke

Mark Henke has been an active member in New Hope Church in Canton, MI for many years. Some of his responsibilities included teaching Kids' Sunday School and directing the Free Methodist Bible Quizzing team.
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