Love Bulgaria 2012

Every year in summer we hold a week-long conference called Love Bulgaria to train young people how to evangelize. Our philosophy can be summed up by St. Francis Assisi “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” Its a hardcore training conference with many sessions and workshops. And the thing that really sets us apart from other conferences is that we actually send the kids as teams out into two towns to practice what they learned from the conference.

I find it really hard for myself to put the experience of Love Bulgaria in writing. It is one of those events that strikes you personally in many ways, but it is hard to transmit these expereinces into writing because they may be small or subtle. To me it was like the grand finale of my trip in Bulgaria. This was the last conference in which I would participate. I got to see the friends I have made one more time. And I was able to have some really meaningful conversations and learn more about where each person was at in their life and struggles.

One of the greatest opportunities I had in Bulgaria was at this conference. I taught an acting workshop to show how drama can be used to share Jesus’ love. I taught them a short skit to perform and some techniques for character development, then we all rehearsed the skit together. It was such a blessing to be able to provide knowledge and ot present something I am passionate about to people and have them actually listen and learn something. I am sure that the lessons taught there will stick in their heads.

About Mark Henke

Mark Henke has been an active member in New Hope Church in Canton, MI for many years. Some of his responsibilities included teaching Kids' Sunday School and directing the Free Methodist Bible Quizzing team.
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  1. lbjarrett says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a very memorable experience! Hope it will last a lifetime for ALL of you!!

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