First Post on Bulgaria

Not sure what to write here.

Alright updates: things are going fairly smoothly. I have all my documents and will soon be applying for my D Visa. I guess this is the type of Visa I need in order to be a missionary. I think it means I cannot be employed while I am there.

Things have been going very well spiritually. God has been showing me some things and helping me connect with people while I wait. The one bad thing about waiting is that, being unemployed, half of the day I am dying of boredom. I am trying to figure out something useful to do and also looking for any short-term employment opportunities.

Financially we have a third of the funding pledged. I am very thankful to everyone who pledged their support.

Hopefully today I can get a hold of the Bulgarian Consulate and see what we can do about getting me that Visa. Thanks for reading and God bless!

About Mark Henke

Mark Henke has been an active member in New Hope Church in Canton, MI for many years. Some of his responsibilities included teaching Kids' Sunday School and directing the Free Methodist Bible Quizzing team.
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